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Q: Do you need an invitation to attend an Emirates Assessment Day?

A: From my personal experience, yes. I was asked for my invitation during the first screening process of the day.

Open Days give you the opportunity to submit your resume to the recruitment team. If you meet their qualifications (they vary based on what they’re looking for that day), you’ll be invited to attend a screening and assessment process on either the same day, or the following. Final interviews in my experience were scheduled over the course of the same week.

Assessment Days are by invitation only. I personally applied online and had my application reviewed prior to assessment, because I felt that a lot of people would show up to an open day. If you are shortlisted, an invitation with the date and location of the assessment day will be sent to you through the portal you applied on via the Emirates website and by email.

Tip: Plan ahead if you are attending an Open Day OR Assessment Day. If you are asked to continue on in the hiring process, the company may ask you to present certain documents (such as your high school diploma) to ensure that you meet their hiring criteria. I recommend having multiple copies of any documents they request. (This information will be provided to you on your invite).

More information about Emirates Assessment Days can be found on the Emirates website. Unfortunately I can’t share much more about what happens on those days, but plan to be there awhile if you reallllyyyy want the job! 🙂


Q: Could you explain the timeline for the application process?

A: In July 2015, I found myself scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed. A friend of mine, we’ll call her Julie, had posted pictures of a recent trip to Paris that peaked my interest. After scrolling through her album, it became apparent that this wasn’t just a trip- it was a 24 hour layover. Julie was Cabin Crew for Emirates and her job involved travelling the world.

After speaking with Julie and conducting some research online, I decided take a leap of faith and apply to Emirates with the hope of being just like her. Thankfully, this crazy dream of mine came true.

When I share with people that I am Emirates Cabin Crew, I am often asked -how did you apply, or how can I apply too? So today, I am going to share with you my experience with the Emirates Cabin Crew hiring process, including the current requirements for the position.

Prior to applying to Emirates, I read the requirements on the Emirates Group Careers website. As of right now, Emirates Cabin Crew must:

  • Be at least 21 years of age at the time of joining
  • Have an arm reach of 212 cm while standing on tiptoes
  • Have a minimum height of 160 cm
  • Be a high school graduate (Grade 12)
  • Have fluency in English (Written and Spoken)
  • Have no visible tattoos while in Emirates Cabin Crew uniform (cosmetic and bandage coverings not permitted)
  • Must be physically fit to meet the Emirates Cabin Crew requirements

I encourage you to read the requirements online too, as they may have changed since I posted them above.

If you meet the requirements, there are four steps that I became familiar with in the hiring process that you should be aware of. These have been detailed below along with my personal experiences:


Using the Emirates Group Careers website, I submitted an online application. This was because I was hoping to receive an invitation to their Assessment Day. Emirates Cabin Crew Assessment Days are by invitation only. In order to be considered, you must apply online. Spaces are limited, so I figured this would mean that less people would attend and thus, my odds at landing the position would (hopefully) be better!

There is also the option to submit your resumé/CV to Emirates on an Open Day. Open Days are information sessions that give you the opportunity to find out what it’s like to work as Emirates Cabin Crew. They allow you to meet the recruitment team and begin the process of starting your new career with Emirates. If you’ve got what it takes, following the Open Day, you’ll be invited to attend the Emirates Cabin Crew screening and assessment process.

In some countries Emirates may work with a recruitment agency, and the process to apply may differ as a result. For this reason, again, I encourage you to check the Emirates Group Careers website. There you will also find a list of all Assessment Days.

When I submitted my application online, I found out that I had been shortlisted for an Assessment Day a week or so later by email. This could be because they were recruiting in my area at this time, so if you don’t hear back right away do not be worried.

For more information on Open Days and Assessment Days, click here.


During the screening, assessment and selection process, the recruitment staff discuss and identify the most suitable candidates for the role.

On my Assessment Day, candidates completed several group activities to help the recruitment team make their selection. They slowly eliminated candidates throughout the day (after each activity), and at the end of this process, I was asked to come back for a final interview the following day. Following my final interview, I found out I was successful 3 weeks later.


If you are successful after interview or assessment you will receive an email, phone call or letter from the recruitment staff advising you of the outcome. I personally received what Cabin Crew refer to this as the golden call – a phone call from Human Resources Employee Services (HRES).

If you are unsuccessful after interview or assessment, you will receive a computer generated letter advising you of the outcome. 

Please note- I was unsuccessful the first time I applied, but was successful the next. If becoming Cabin Crew with Emirates is something you are passionate about, keep trying! You can apply every 6 months.


Following my golden call, I was contacted again by the Human Resources Employee Services to make the necessary arrangements to deliver my employment contract and relevant documentation.

It took me about a month to get everything I needed together following my golden call. HRES was very helpful and assisted me with the process.

To give you a sense of timing, my interview was in June 2015 and I moved to Dubai in November this same year. My moving process was delayed on my personal account because I was finishing a postgraduate certificate and my program concluded at the end of October.

I hope this post has helped to provide some clarity about the Emirates Cabin Crew application process. Remember, although this was my experience, I encourage you to visit the Emirates Group Careers website as the process may have changed since I was recruited.


Q: What is it like being Cabin Crew for Emirates? What are some of the challenges you face?

A: I’ve been Cabin Crew with Emirates now for seven months and I’m really enjoying the job. I chose to accept the position in the first place because I saw it as an opportunity to travel the world, experience different cultures, live abroad and meet new people from around the globe –and so far I haven’t been disappointed.

Being Cabin Crew has its perks. We get to stay in really nice hotels and travel the world, receive a competitive tax-free basic salary, complimentary accommodation and transportation, exchange rate protection, insurance benefits and annual leave… the list goes on. But the job does have its challenges too!

For example, adjusting my sleep schedule to match my roster is a constant battle. My flights often depart at different times during the day/night, to countries that don’t always share the same time zone. As a result, my days off can easily turn into “rest days”. Despite this, Emirates has been really good at sharing tips with employees to help them overcome fatigue and optimize the rest that we do get. Some of these tips include adopting a healthier lifestyle- meaning eating better and staying in shape.

Other challenges Cabin Crew can face on the job can be cultural barriers. Not only can it be difficult to communicate with a passenger, but it can be just as challenging to communicate with a colleague too. Thankfully, Emirates gives us the tools necessary in training college to help us overcome these challenges so that we are able to provide the quality service we are known for.

Q: How much time do you get to spend in other countries when you are flying?

A: The length of a layover depends on multiple factors such as aviation regulations, the scheduled departure time/arrival time of an aircraft, the destination itself and sometimes even the weather! Cabin Crew usually get around 24 hours, but again it depends on the above. The longest layover I’ve had was 32 hours and the shortest one was 16 hours.

Q: Did you go to school to become a flight attendant?

A: No. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to have any experience in aviation to become Cabin Crew with Emirates. The airline teaches you everything you need to know at the Aviation College in Dubai.

For example, I have a BA Hons. degree in Political Science and Health Studies from McMaster University, as well as a postgraduate certificate in Public Relations from Humber College. -No aviation experience at all! 🙂

24 thoughts on “Q & A

  1. LT says:

    Hi Kelsey! Can you share a general timeline of your application process? From submitting the application online to getting an offer to moving to Dubai (in November)? Thank you!


  2. Signe says:

    Hello Kelsey,

    I was filling out my online application and, unfortunately, I had trouble answering some of the questions. Can I explain the issue right here or do you have an email address I can contact you by?

    Thank You!


  3. Yolisa Mufambi says:

    Hi there thanks for your reply i have recently applied to emirates through the website on your blog but i have not received any email weather i qualify or not so please advice what can i do,how long did they take to respond to you when you first applied.Thanks


  4. Priya says:

    Hello Kelsey!

    Here in India, Emirates has a conjunction with a recruitment agency and assessment days are only invitation based. I m totally confused about what to do next. Are there any Indian cabin crew working with you? Please help me have a contact with them. I really need guidance as I m eating and drinking Emirates only. You are the only hope. Please do help me.


  5. Mark says:


    Im just wondering. I know your monthly salary is made up of your basic salary and plus your hourley flight pay per number of hours you fly. On months that you take your annual leave and are off work is your salary signifcantly lower cause of having less flights or do you get paid holidays in some form?? Thanks


    • Lipstick And Luggage says:

      Hi Mark, It depends on how long your leave is and how many flights you get. For example, if you take 3 weeks off work, your pay will be significantly lower because you’re only able to fly for a week. We get a basic salary and some holiday pay but it’s not as much as it would be if we were flying. Hope that helps!


  6. sm7news says:

    Hi! I love your blog, do you think it is necessary to speak a second language to work for Emirates? Are there people that are part of cabin crew that only speak English? Thank you


  7. sm7newsSeranya says:

    Hi! I’m a student and would like to study a masters degree abroad. I have a passion for aviation and I am currently completing an engineering undergraduate degree. I know you cannot disclose salaries, but do you think I could save enough money by being a cabin crew to study a year masters in the future in dollars for example?


  8. Angel says:

    Hi Kelsey! You are so beautiful inside out. How did you become one of the Emirates Business Promotion Team? And also I have moles in my face but they’re not really big but visible. And I have a small scar on my arm. Like half an inch. Can I still apply?


  9. Barbara says:

    Hey Kelsey! I have an important question to you. I’ve been a flight attendant since I was 19. I used to work for a public airline and I had the pleasure to kiss the sky for a year and a half; but since the things went wrong with the company, I was forced to quit my job. Right now I am getting my degree at college, but I was wondering if my prior experience as a F/A could have some advantages at an Open Day/ Assessment Day or it could bring me some troubles to get in? Any tips for flight attendants at Open Days/ Assessment Days?
    Thank you!


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